David Brian Overholt


I picked up my Dad's 35mm Minolta camera at an early age, spending hours framing shots and clicking the shutter release; most of those photos never saw the light of day since there was usually no film in the camera. However, I did learn composition and later the importance of lighting. In time, I discovered that capturing light could be much more than just taking a picture. Images combined with a well-structured story have the power to illuminate imaginations, perceptions and greater truths. 

I started my career by  traveling with the NASCAR circuit in 2002 working for the Winston Cup Vision team. I then worked on a number of films and in-studio positions before finding my stride in the run-and-gun world of news videography in Knoxville, TN. After six years as a news photog I took a giant leap across the country to Seattle, WA and into the world of independent film. I've worked on every kind of project and in every position, eventually becoming an all-around Producer with a skill set that allows me to jump in behind the camera, write a script, direct a scene and most importantly navigate the logistics of the production. I can take projects from concept to completion and enjoy working within a diverse team environment.